Baudelaire Quotes: Poems and Flowers of Evil

Charles Baudelaire

Poetic Quotes by Charles Baudelaire:

We would be insulting to introduce the most famous symbolist poet. Baudelaire‘s poetry is not only a topic of literary studies, but also philosophical, as shown by Sartre in his book on Baudelaire.

Recall, however, few works of this poet:

– Flowers of Evil

– The Artificial Paradise

– Poems (Le Spleen de Paris)

Baudelaire and wisdom:

– “Wisdom is knowing people his loneliness and isolation among the crowd”

– “Enjoy the crowd is an art”

– “Whatever may be the reality outside of myself if it helps me to live, to feel that I am and what I am”

– “We can not forget the time that using it”

– “Evil is done without effort, naturally, by fate, and the property is always the product of an art”

Baudelaire and Death:

– “It is death that console, and unfortunately that is life – It is the purpose of life, and is the only hope – Which, like an elixir, we rise and we drunk – and gives us the courage to march until evening ”

Baudelaire, love and women:

– “The woman is being projected that the largest or most shade light in our dreams”

– “What is annoying in love is that it is a crime where you can not do without an accomplice”

– “Woman is natural, that is to say abominable”

Baudelaire and God:

– “Even if God did not exist it would continue to be sacred”

– “Being the most prostitute is being par excellence, is God, since it is the supreme friend for each individual since it is the common reservoir, inexhaustible love”

– “God is the only person who conquer, did not even need to exist”

– “The greatest trick the Devil is to persuade you that he does not exist!”

– “There is in every man, every hour, two simultaneous postulations, one towards God, the other towards Satan. The invocation of God or spirituality, is a desire to rise in rank, that of Satan, or animality, is a joy to come down ”

– “What fall? If the unit became duality, it is God who has fallen. In other words, the creation would it not fall from God?”

Baudelaire and drugs:

– “If there was a government that had governed his interest to corrupt, it would only encourage the use of hashish”

– “Wine makes clearer eye and ear finer!”

– “The wine is similar to the man, we’ll never know how far we can estimate and despise, love and hate, or what action sublime or packages monstrous he can . Let us not be more cruel to him only to ourselves, and treat it as our equal ”

– “Alas, the vices of man, so full of horror they may be, contain the proof (if only their infinite expansion!) His taste for the infinite”

Baudelaire and politics:

– “Every revolution has its corollary the massacre of the innocents”

– “Notice to non-communist: everything is common, even God”

– “Black is the color of Democracies”

– “Few men have the right to rule, as few men have a great passion”


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