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Sartre VS Camus 0

Sartre VS Camus

Introduction on Sartre vs Camus : War & Philosophy : An historical background The relationship between Sartre/Camus has modeled the post-war french philosophy. Since 1943, Sartre and Camus, great friends, are everywhere together. The...

Camus and Absurdism 0

Camus and Absurdism

The Concept of absurd plays a major role in Camus and existentialism philosophy: the Stranger (1942) and the Myth of Sisyphus (1942) defines the absurd as the divorce between man and the world. General...

Camus Quotes 0

Camus Quotes

Best quotes by Albert Camus The philosophy of Albert Camus radiates in all fields of social sciences: essay, theater, novels. Criticized for his nihilism, his philosophy can be related to existentialism. Camus‘s accents are...