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Nietzsche: Become what you are 0

Nietzsche: Become what you are

Nietzsche: A Philosophy of Superman The phrase “Become what thou art” is part of the nietzschean Vulgate. Still, she remains at the heart of Nietzsche‘s thought, insofar as it symbolizes his conception of subjectivity....

Nietzsche’s Superman 0

Nietzsche’s Superman

The concept of Superman is both the best known of Nietzsche’s philosophy but also and especially the more complex. This concept goes through the work of Nietzsche, but appears vividly in Thus Spoke Zarathustra....

Nietzsche’s Morality 0

Nietzsche’s Morality

The Ethics of Friedrich Nietzsche After the article on the death of God in Nietzsche and his invitation to become what we are, let’s have a look today on the¬†morality defended by this German...