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No Exit by Sartre : An analysis

Introduction No Exit (Huis Clos in french) is one of the most beautiful play of Sartre. It is also the most played of Sartre’s Works. Sartre deals with the question of the relationship with others (or...


A philosophical history of the Identity

From the Ancients to the Renaissance: an identity dominated by God Indeed, according to the Moderns, man lived under the hand of God, his creator. Existence was not a problem. It was necessary to...

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Kant vs Hume

Kant and Hume: A philosophical controversy In this article, the positions of Kant and Hume will be presented regarding the relationship between reason and morality.  Through their respective works, A Treatise of human nature,...


Jean-Paul Sartre Biography

Short Biography Jean-Paul Sartre was born in 1905 in Paris. After a childhood marked by the untimely death of his father, the important role played by his grandfather, and a miserable experience of primary...