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Find out papers and research on major philosophers of the history, from every continents (Europe, US, Asia, Africa) what are their main key concepts


Jean-Paul Sartre Biography

Short Biography Jean-Paul Sartre was born in 1905 in Paris. After a childhood marked by the untimely death of his father, the important role played by his grandfather, and a miserable experience of primary...

20 philosophical words you need to know 0

20 philosophical words you need to know

It is often said that philosophy is too complex. That is true. But it is essentially linked to the technical language that philosophers deploy (well, some philosophers like Heidegger or Hegel invent concepts, it...


Top 20 philosophical quotes

To shine at dinner parties, we deliver you the 20 quotes that impress everyobe aroud you, those who still believe to be right. Of course, they must be used wisely. But using bad faith...


Jealousy in Philosophy

Philosophy has fairly treated jealousy as such, but rather literature and psychoanalysis has themed it as a subject of analysis. The concept of jealousy may refer to a feeling or emotional state: Despite feeling experienced when...