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The movie industry provides precious matter for philosophers and key philosophical questions. From Chaplin to Woody Allen, find out our analysis of the most philosophical films.

The Kid – A philosophical analysis 0

The Kid – A philosophical analysis

The Kid by Charlie Chaplin: Summary and Analysis The Kid, filmed in 1921, is certainly the most beautiful of Charlie Chaplin’s films and a highly meaningful, perhaps philosophical film about fatherhood and childhood. This movie offers...

Chaplin: Analysis of Modern Times 0

Chaplin: Analysis of Modern Times

Context of Modern Times Charles Chaplin performs “Modern Times”, a comedy film, in 1936. His Tramp character already has an extraordinary popularity. He invented the character of a generous and sensible vagabond two decades...

Philosophical Movies List 0

Philosophical Movies List

Best spiritual movies Philosophy and Movies are an inseparable couple, as theater and tragedy. Images are a powerful mean to send messages, maybe a better way than words and books. Images stroke people, impress...

Matrix: A philosophical analysis 0

Matrix: A philosophical analysis

Matrix, the first opus, is a stroke for smart minds and constitute one of the most typical movie of the philosophy. Matrix and the philosophical meaning: Plato’s Cave The main theme is of course...