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Rousseau’s Philosophy Summary 0

Rousseau’s Philosophy Summary

The Philosophy of Jean-Jacques Rousseau Genevan philosopher writing in French, Jean-Jacques Rousseau wrote essentially: – Discourse on the Sciences and Arts (1750) – Discourse on the Origin of Inequality among men (1755) – The...

Rousseau: Emile (Summary) 0

Rousseau: Emile (Summary)

Emile or On Education, by Jean-Jacques Rousseau, exposes the philosophy of education of the Genevan thinker. As the Social Contract, Emile was immediately banned by the authorities because it criticizes Rousseau’s rejection of traditional...

Rousseau and Human Nature 0

Rousseau and Human Nature

Rousseau: A Philosophy of Nature The Philosophy of Jean-Jacques Rousseau is a huge moral and political edifice. From Emile to the Social Contract, Rousseau presents his vision of humanity as it should be. Rousseau has...