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Spinoza: Ethics Summary 0

Spinoza: Ethics Summary

  Ethics by Spinoza : A moral, ontological and metaphysical work Ethics is an ambitious work and multifaceted. Ambitious in its subject matter as critical Spinoza all traditional philosophical conceptions of God, of man...

Spinoza’s God 0

Spinoza’s God

Spinoza’s God : A pantheistic theory Indeed, one of the important issues of Spinoza‘s philosophy is to understand the concept of a God “out of religion”. Contrary to the God of religion Spinoza’s God...

Spinoza: Freedom & Determinism 0

Spinoza: Freedom & Determinism

Spinoza: a determinist philosophy In the Ethics, Spinoza‘s pantheistic philosophy advocates a “God is defined as all real, all existing” (God is everywhere). Only God is, therefore, free for he alone is the cause...