American History X (Analysis)

American History X review

Philosophy of hate

It is common knowledge common to say that the love of others is better than hatred of his neighbor. But for countless times, one can see the whole world is tearing apart from races, religions, skin colors or moral and political ideas. Can we now give a single example of civilized society that has managed to live since its inception without a hint of what is called racism or segregation? The differences between men are an opportunity to liberate these ideological excesses. American history X The film deals with this topic. Questions on antisemitism are positioned in Kantian ethics.Why consider that there are inferior races? How is organized the edification of a racial doctrine has a philosophical point of view? In a first part, we will see how the hatred of the other poses a mora, religious and social problem. Then we will see how the mass indoctrination plays a key role in ideology. Then we finally see what place is the establishment of the strongest.

I / The hate from abroad, a moral problem.

“Historically, the non-acceptance of the other existed; one can even speak in this regard constant of human behavior, linked to selfishness and narrow-mindedness, which can manifest itself in a family. That’s why all the moral world have promoted tolerance, and greater understanding of each other. ”

a / “Truly I say to you”

“I hate all those who are not white and Protestant” So says Danny when he is asked what he believes. The doctrine of neo-Nazis present a common point of all racial doctrine. We note here the striking intolerance that is in this sentence. In its intention to general awareness, American History X does not hesitate to use words and explicit attempt to legitimize xenophobia purposes of denunciation. Some regarded racism as justified by the Bible, Genesis 9; 27 “Deus Dilatet Iapheth, and in habitet tabernaculis Shem, Canaan sitque eius servus. “Religion takes an important part in the development of ideology, because it uses the immanence of God to justify racial hatred. How, then consider this as an act in parallel to a religious doctrine that preaches the love of his neighbor? Has relatively what the Bible says, a form of strict dogma followed will be set up in order to act in perfect harmony with the ideas and the doctrine of the church. American History X in the religious dimension of ideology is not as represented, but it remains ubiquitous neamoins share the same name of the movement: “the disciple of Christ” . The religious side seems finally not be a part of the iceberg because between then consider a problem of social morality and religious morality only

b / Moralizing Sweeney

Professor Sweeney represents the voice of wisdom. We see a resumption of large play the role of moralizing WITH Danny or Derek. But the moral of the history teacher looks more like a morality based on ideas not based on empirical and a true reflection. Indeed we hear his mouth the basic moralizing on racism. It seems, however, appear that the speech simplistic parraisant has great importance in the film. Sweeney represents the goal was reached: “There is a time when I resented the whole earth, or I’d hate for all the misery, the humiliation, the suffering I endured constantly, I saw .. . inflicted on my people. I wanted everyone I wanted to whites, I wanted to society, I blamed God! But I had no answer because I asked the wrong questions. “One wonders what represents the moral in such a situation. While Derek and Danny finds himself caught in a vicious circle, their morality appears as a speech full of ignominy they are not able to hear. But a relentless force will reach a save Derek Sweeney. Social morality appears to us as the key to the film. Indeed, during his repentance, we can see Derek back on its a priori and based on these ideas by rethinking what was told Sweeney. Can we close the moral sweeney has Kantian ethics?

In reality Immanuel Kant was expressed on racism and specifically anti-Semitism. In 1715, saying, in his Memoir on the different human races: “I think race mixing causes the gradual decrease of the qualities of the human species. “It also attacks the harmful” Jewish spirit “. And can be distinguished in philosophy two distinct kinds of racism. The first is the traditional racism that justifies domination of inferior races by races superireures on behalf of the interests of all to be governed by the most enlightened beings. Differentialist racism and advocating for its part the difference between races and is based on fear of mixing and differentiation. Thus the Nazis did not want to dominate the Jews, homosexuals and the disabled.Necessarily, according to their ideology they were exterminated. Dereck is exactly the same way when his car is pointing a night. Seeing that they are acting black so it does not capture the possibility to call the police to act and is following his ideology, forced to exterminate them. Kant sees racism in a transcendental dimension which legitimate the actions and words has the respect of what he calls the races lower extremities. In American history X is clearly shows that both types of racism are present classified by Kant. So when Seth was Danny explains how to see the races as inferior, he expresses himself in these words: “Nah there’s not one of those bastards who is Danny understand? This is nothing but vermin all that. You remember what Cameron said: “We want to know them but we know that the enemy is the son of a bitch.” “Here is demonstrated perfectly the will not to know these people but simply to control them without understanding who they are. We can realize in the film that the disciples of Christ want to establish their superiority of fears that foreign communities take their place.

c / Repentance faces the obstinacy

“I think the time has come to tell you what I learned to draw a conclusion nan? Well my conclusion is that hate is a bitch, life is too short to spend time having hatred. Derek says it’s always nice to finish a point with a quote. He says that someone has already had to make a good while, if you can not do better, as the borrow outright. I chose this one, and I hope you like it: We are not enemies but friends. We must not be enemies, even if we tear a passion, it must not break the affection between us. The chords of memory will vibrate when you touch them, they resonate in contact with it there’s the best in us. “It is in these terms that a duty to ask Danny finished by Sweeney. One can clearly see the turnaround in the ideology of Danny. Indeed departing completely closed-minded, Danny seems to follow the footsteps of his fere by being repented of his hatred breeds lower extremities. We now understand the role of social morality in the repentance of the young skin head. How morality can play on our feelings to the point of changing the very nature seemed to be the essence of Danny? In his reflection on theory and experience, the philosopher Bachelard explained that to find the answer to a question or has a problematic it was to separate from anything that might resemble an idea has received, because the result would be a result induced by the common thought and not by personal experience suiviant a reflection on a topic to push. The repentance of Dereck seems to follow this way of doing this because while in prison is seen as more and as time passes, be aware of what it really is and thus get closer to the African American community . Though it gets seen metamorphosis and giving life lessons to his younger brother Danny, explaining what is happen in prison, the disgust he began to experience this ideology full of hate. However despite the fact that Danny also repents, we can consider that the way he does not necessarily have the right to the extent he follows what he told his brother and not his own experience or his own will to changing.

II / Cameron or mass indoctrination.

a / The Genesis of an ideology

“The very basis of an ideology is in the indoctrination of the masses, in the establishment of a common thought was that all suffer from any defect, no flaw. “So said Adolf Hitler, dictator largest and greatest leader of mass than the Earth is never known when explaining the importance of the mass movement in the National Socialist doctrine. In American History X, the character of Cameron plays the role of charismatic endoctrineur similar to the figure of the patriarch so often important when it comes to execution of idea. One quickly realizes the role that such joueun character in the edification of a fragile ideology as Nazism focused on xenophobia. While Derek expresses his way of thinking has many moments of the film is like hearing the same speech from Cameron in his mouth.When Vignard (Dereck) speaks with head band skins before putting the store bag, seen in a car with cameron who explains how important it is for him to serve as a bridge between him and the new recruits . For Heidegger, the figure of the patriarch ideological is probably one of the most important for the establishment of a doctrine which any self insofar as each will be in this charismatic figure and thus be strengthened in his ideas as a person strong character by that name will win a whole nation has its own level. Hitler, Stalin, Mao are three examples of strong ideological figures.After reflection, we can not imagine their party happened without them, for they will be the keystone of the party, the glue that will bind every member has this ideology was presenting Hitler as flawless. The question is why memebres a party need this figure almost transcendental in the Kantian sense. While in prison, Derek loses his bearings. Finding himself alone in front of everybody, he tries to join a neo Nazi splinter group within the same prison but soon realizes that members of this group are not quite what he expected. Far from Cameron and his precepts, dereck will see his faith in the superiority of the white race and disintegrate as a measure since it can no longer see how the ideology in which he believes brings together the world. He realizes that his whole doctrine was based on the same face of Cameron. Thus the patriarch seems to be an ideological concept in primmordiale edefication doctrine. But not just because you can see that the number and power of feelings related to the number of members who believe in a same ideology is also important.

b / The power of the number

“If you think this was already genial before waiting to see what it has become now. It is best organized if wanted, it’s almost a small army that was with us. “It is in these terms that stesi Derek’s girlfriend tells him or are the disciples of Christ when he leaves prison. And it is also in these terms that the viewer realizes the importance of the number in such a situation doctrinal. No one would fight for a cause if he was alone, nobody would have the courage to says such a thing as the disciple’s assertions if he was alone against all. On his release from detention center, is welcomed in honor by a crowd of supporters who venerate him as a living legend. Dereck or the man who exemplified then realized that never again will such things before. In after Hitler valeure the calculation of a movement based on the number of supporters and according to the faith that these sympathizers in the doctrine and the leader of this same doctrine. But be many and do nothing would not be a great thing. This is why concrete actions are put in place to show the power of movement.

III / Racial violence or the establishment of the right of the strongest

a / Violence in the non-consideration of the dignity of others

The establishment of the fittest is not in consideration of the dignity of others. If as part of my creed, I must establish my superiority over other person, it is necessary that the introduction of superiority takes place in the negation of others, in the denigration of his person, his integrity . This is exactly what has happened during World War II. So Adolph Hitler ordered the extermination of Jews, we have seen the set up a parallel propaganda which regarded Jews as subhuman, like a rat. The term Jew was purely negative, in fact we did not call a Jew a “Jew” but he was taken as a whole in its philosophical quality end of the term Jew. When Dereck train the person on the ground that he was pointing his car, he has addressed him in these words: “How stupid you fell the negro has the wrong address. “Or,” put your teeth on the sidewalk slave! “The violence thus appears as a purely physical at first but also a moral in the second. Violence plays an extremely important role is to establish a sense of superiority with respect to the so-called inferior race. In effetil is common knowledge common to expect to be respected above all with violence before the lyrics. The film uses this way of thinking by showing shocking images such as the murder of five African-amricains by Dereck or with decors quite explicit in great reinforcements of swastikas and SS signs of violence.It is therefore seen as a means of pressure on others or at least what remains of others since it is no longer considered a man from the moment or even a racial doctrine is going to set up against him. This feeling of superiority by violence seems a more important point for the doctrine.

b / A necessary feeling

“To make us understand we need to act and if some should die during the maneuvers, it is not our fault. “When Cameron says that while Dereck was released from prison one understands how it could come to exterminate these people altogether. In The Prince, Machiavelli explains the importance of a sovereign to ingratiate themselves but being in respect of his subjects. He considers that the important thing is not what you do, but what we think of us. Thus we can consider that a good thing to say before his subjects and simply do the reverse without telling them is be a good ruler. We may compare this way of thinking of the doctrine of DOC. The importance of being a sovereign be respected in every way we can consider that violence may appear to be necessary for supporters in order to feel superior and abide by the inferior races. That’s why when sacked the store, head skins do not feel bad. They are in a state near second, a state that allows them once started not to suffer any scrpules respecting all the rules necessary for the good performance of the doctrine. Dehumanization of others, violence, feelings of superiority, racial hatred …

Conclusion on American History X

American History X impressed people because it is one of the few movies have shown the problem was the redemption of the interior of the problem. Thanks to several charismatic figure can be designed on a philosophical level, this film is entirely in agreement with many authors of doctrines. Showing the horror of such thinking in a world where entire waves of migrating peoples around the world, American History X raises the issue of the session is very kind of doctrinal thinking. Or not we share these ideas, we must admit that the question may arise whether it should seek the side of the opening or the side of the racial and ideological rejection. Personally my choice is made even if I do not know if this is the right choice, I would say it is above all reflected and based on my experience. To each to do the same. Love between people, here is probably the biggest question of this World.

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