Balzac Quotes: Human Comedy and Passions


Quotes by Honore de Balzac

Honore de Balzac, a french novelist, invented the modern novel. Lost Illusions or Father Goriot are realistic paintings of his time. Balzac’s ambition was to be the “secretary of history” throughout his work, the Comedie Humaine (Human Comedy). Balzac is the thinker of love, politics and ambition, while every characters of his books symbolises a metaphor (greed for father goriot, …).

Some major quotes by Balzac :

Balzac, women and love:

– “It is not the friend of a woman when you can be her lover”

– “A married woman is a slave should know to put on a throne”

– “Marriage must constantly fight a monster that devours everything: the habit”

– “Love is the only passion which suffers neither past nor future”

– “The woman is a lyre which reveals its secrets only one who knows how to play”

– “The lover is not everything is nothing”

– “Love has a horror of anything that is not itself”

– “Other pain! Pain incomprehensible to those who do not like with this invader and ferocious despotism that any effect is a monstrous jealousy, a perpetual desire to steal the beloved to any foreign influence to love”


– “When women love us, they forgive us everything, even our crimes. When they do not like us, they forgive us nothing. Not even our virtues”

– “This is a great proof of inferiority in a man than not to know of his wife, his mistress”

Balzac, power and politics:

– “All human power is a compound of patience and time. People want strong and ensure”

– “Power is an action, and the elective principle is discussion. There is no possible political discussion with the times”

– “Equality may be right, but no human power can not convert it done”

– “France is a country that loves to change their government if it is always the same”

Balzac and death:

– “So, death is never what gives meaning to life is, instead, which would be rendered meaningless”

Balzac and the money and greed:

– “Greed begins where poverty ceases”

– “Who pays his debts is enriched”

Balzac and friendship:

– “What makes the unbreakable friendship and doubles their charm, is a sense that lack of love, certainty”

– “The trouble was that good that we get to know our true friends”

– “Nothing strengthens further the friendship between two men when each believes that it is superior to another”

Balzac and his conception of man:

– “Hope is a memory that desires, the memory is a memory that has enjoyed” ”

– “Forgetting is the great secret of strong and creative lives”

– “The key to all sciences is undoubtedly the question mark and we have most of the major discoveries in how, and wisdom in life is perhaps to ask for anything, why?”

– “Be neither confident nor trivial, nor quick, three rocks! The overconfidence diminishes respect, we banality is contempt, makes us great zeal to exploit”

Balzac, God and religion:

– “A society of atheists soon invent a religion ”


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