Best Philosophical Novels

philosophical novels

Literature and philosophy

These two areas of thought go hand in hand and can form a continuum: certain authors publishing essays (Balzac, Wilde), as well as certain philosophers, prided themselves on literature (Camus, Sartre).

But beyond these bridges, there are indeed philosophical novels, thesis literature. This philosophical literature was invented, it seems, during the modern novel in the 19th century.

It was not easy to agree on a list, so it is very biased:

  1. Confession of a child of the century – Alfred de Musset
  2. The Journal of the Seducer – Kierkegaard
  3. In Search of Lost Time – Proust
  4. The Fall – Camus
  5. The Nausea – Sartre
  6. Crime and Punishment – Dostoyevsky
  7. The unbearable lightness of being – Kundera
  8. Journey to the End of the Night – Céline
  9. The Trial – Kafka
  10. Faust – Goethe

This list is biased. We could add:

– Balzac’s novels (La Peau de Chagrin, Le Père Goriot)

– Chateaubriand’s autobiography (Memoirs of Beyond the Grave)

– Flaubert’s psychological portraits (Madame Bovary, L’education sentimentale)

– Zola’s realistic novels (Au bonheur des dames, Germinal)

– Huxley’s anticipations (The Best of Worlds)

– Orwell’s futurism

– the romantic irony of Stendhal


Do you know others? Let us know in the comments, we will do our best to add them to our next reviews on the site.

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