Why did the chicken cross the road ? Philosophical Game

chicken game

Why did the chicken cross the road?

We give our version of the famous game “Why did the chicken cross the road” on the basis of some philosophers. If any are missing, please let us know in your comments:

Plato: To get to the essence of good

Marx: It was historically inevitable

Machiavelli: To instill fear in other chickens

Nietzsche: On the assertion of its will to power

Sartre: The chicken was ordered to cross the road

De Beauvoir: One is not born chicken, one becomes

Samuel Beckett: Because he was tired of waiting

Aristotle: To stop being in power, but in act

Camus: To challenge the absurdity of the world

Darwin: Because the chicken in the evolution of species, has become an animal crossing

Epicurus: To have fun

Kant:  for respect the moral law

Pyrrho: What road ?

Zeno of Elea: To prove that he could never reach the other side

Kierkegaard: In despair of his chicken condition

Shakespeare: That is the question

Stuart Mill: To maximize his pleasure

Galilee: And yet, he crossed

Heidegger: Because the chicken is the shepherd of Being

Descartes: I cross, therefore I am

Hegel: To realize the reason in history

Spinoza: The chicken thinks he has freely crossed the road, but it ignores the causes he did so through

Rousseau: Because the chicken is good by nature

Pascal: Because the chicken is a thinking reed

Heraclitus: The chicken crossed because we never cross the same road twice

Hume: For me the chicken is a fictional idea

Husserl: It is the constitution of the ego that epoche, a mutation ego-ego notwithstanding the noetic-noematic component which is the origin of the object “road” for the subject “chicken”.

Mitterrand: The Road, it’s war

Confucius: Act against chicken as you would have them do unto you

Freud: The road is very clearly a phallic symbol, the fact of the cross reveals a profound liberation of the instincts (or that) chicken.

Leibniz: To maintain the universal harmony of the world.

Voltaire: To reduce intolerance

Aristotle: Because the chicken is a political animal

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