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Best Quotes by Cicero

The Roman Emperor Cicero is one of the most famous philosophers in the history of Stoic thought, along Epictetus.

Cicero’s reflexion covers death, destiny and ethics problems.

Cicero and fate (Fate):

– “Lead me, Zeus and you Destiny, to which you have prepared for me. For I will follow without fail. But if I was getting nasty and if I did not want, I would not follow unless”

Cicero and death:

– “I do not want to die, but I want nothing to being dead”

– “At the time of death is as a resource very comforting memories of the good life”

– “We consider death with equanimity if at the time of death, we can be proud of his life. A life which was entirely devoted to the practice of virtue is never too short”

Cicero and subjectivity:

– “The soul has no power to show itself but, like the eye, although she does not see, she appealed to the outside world”

– “What is the true law? is the right reason, invariable, eternal, according to the nature and spread to all men”

– “Men are different from knowledge, but are all equal in their ability to learn, there is no race which, guided by reason can not reach the truth”


Cicero and virtue:

– “Glory is the shadow of virtue”

– “The most successful of all the arts is the art of living well”

– “Philosophy is the true medicine of the soul ”

– “Because nothing is more beautiful than to know the truth, nothing is more shameful than to approve the lie”

– “The more one is placed higher, we must be humble”

Cicero and politics:

– “We are slaves of laws to be free”

– “What are laws without morals?”

– “Do not refuse anything to anyone: when you make promises, timing is uncertain, remote in time. However, by refusing, it is sure to make enemies, and in crowd”


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