Confucius Quotes: A philosophy of wisdom


Best Quotes and Sayings by Confucius

The philosophy of Confucius is a must-read. His role in Western thought is underestimated and generally caricatured. Indeed, Confucius is probably the equivalent of Plato in Asia. Similarly, Confucius is reduced to the old wise man who gives pompous advices, but in fact Confucius has actually developed a sophisticated ethical system, in which the subjectivity is modest and should treat others with kindness: the confucius system can be described as humanistic.

His major work is titled Interviews. Here are few quotes which summarise his thought :

Confucius and Others:

– “Act with kindness, but do not expect recognition”

– “Do onto others as you would have them do unto you”

– “This is not a misfortune to be misunderstood men, but it is a misfortune to ignore”

– “He who is not afraid to promise great things is difficult to execute”

– “If you meet a good man, trying to be like him. If you meet a man poor, seeking flaws in yourself”

– “The good man asks for nothing but himself, the man of little demand, while the other”

Confucius sayings on the Wisdom:

– “Have sufficient command over himself to judge others by comparison with us, and act towards them as we would like you act towards ourselves, is what might be called the doctrine of humanity, there is nothing beyond ”

– “He who seeks only business in its own interest excites much discontent”

– “He who is not progressing every day, every day back”

– “He who does not know what it is that life, how does he know what it is like death?”

– “He who knows how to obey will then order”

– “Experience is a candle that illuminates the wearer”

– “The life of man depends on his will, no will, she would be left to chance”

– “The wise do not grieve that men do not know him, he grieves not know men”


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