David Hume’s Quotes

Quotes by David Hume, a famous empiricst

David Hume is one of the most famous empiricists. Following Newton, he has profoundly changed the way we consider knowledge, which comes from experience according to Hume.

Here are few quotes and thoughts to help understanding his philosophy:

Hume and human understanding:


– “Man is a rational being, and as such it receives its food science and his own food, but the boundaries of human understanding are so narrow they can not hope on this little appreciation for the extent and for the safety of its acquisitions ”

– “It is not contrary to reason to prefer the destruction of the world to the scratching of my finger”

Hume and causality:

– “The ideas of cause and effect comes from the experience that informs us that such particular objects in all past cases, are conjoined with others when we pass from the impression of an object to the idea another, we are determined not by reason but by custom or principle of association ”

Hume and impressions:

– “The perceptions which enter with most force and violence, we can call them prints, and this term, I understand all our sensations, passions and emotions, as they make their first appearance in the soul”

– “Beauty is not an intrinsic quality of things. It exists only in the mind of the beholder”

Hume and Ideas:

– “By ideas I mean the pictures driving impressions in thinking and reasoning. Such, for example, all the perceptions excited by this speech, with the exception only of those from the sight and touch and with the exception of immediate pleasure or inconvenience it may cause ”

– “All our simple ideas in their first appearance are derived from simple impressions”

Hume, and the self identity:

– “The ego is a fictional idea”

Hume and religion:

– “The belief is nothing but a design of an object more vivid, more alive, stronger, firmer, more stable than the imagination alone is ever able to get”

Hume and passions:

– “Passion is a primitive existence or, if you will, a primitive mode of existence”

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