Definition of Love: Philosophy

Since antiquity, Love is one of core concerns for philosophers. Thanks to Plato, through his Symposium, this question has acquired its letters of nobility. Love in a general sense, can be defined as an expansion of the heart toward another human being.

General Definitions:

  • Latin: amor: love, intense desire
  • Philosophy, Psychology: inclination toward one person or even an object considered good
  • Love is the Moral opposite tendency to selfishness

Specific definitions:

  • Plato: “Any general aspiration towards the good things and to happiness, that’s the Love”
  • Tolstoy: “Love has always based on the renunciation of individual property”
  • Descartes: “Love is a passion that can arise in us without in any way we could see if the object that causes it is good or bad “
  • Spinoza: “Love is nothing but a joy accompanied by an external cause”
  • Schopenhauer: “Love is a trap for men to perpetuate the species”
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