Derrida Quotes on Deconstruction and Politics

Jacques Derrida

Jacques Derrida is the father of deconstruction. The philosophy of deconstruction was a thought which seeks to escape the classical dialectics of philosophy (ontology / metaphysics, writing / language, male / female, human / animal …)

Derrida quotes on deconstruction:

– “There is in deconstruction, a self-explanatory figure [autoaffection] which imposes its necessity in accumulating the forces trying to repress it [autoimmunity]”

– “If I had to risk a single definition of deconstruction, I would say without words,” more than one language ”


Derrida and forgiveness:

“Is often confused, sometimes calculated, forgiveness with similar themes: the apology, regret, amnesty, prescription, etc.. As many meanings some of which fall under the law, a criminal law which the Forgiveness should in principle remain heterogeneous and irreducible ”

– “Possible or impossible, the forgiveness we look to the past. There is also a coming-in forgiveness”

Derrida and death:

– “The affirmation of life is not without the thought of death, without the most vigilant attention, officer, or besieged, obsessed with this purpose that can not happen”

– “The imminence of death is not just a personal obsession is a way to get to the need of what is suggesting, namely that there is no presence without trace and not disappear without trace, so without death

Derrida and others:

– “As long as the other as other have not been in any way” welcomed “the epiphany in the withdrawal or visitation of his face, there can be meaningful to talk peace . With the same one is never alone”

– “The Other is secret because it is another”

Derrida and the language:

– “What we can not say it is important not to be silent, but write”

– “An indelible mark was not a trace”

Derrida and the 9/11:

– “The relationship between land, territory and terror has changed, and it should know that it takes knowledge, that is to say, the Techno-science. This is the techno-science that blurs the distinction between war and terrorism. In this regard, compared to the possibilities for destruction and chaotic disorder that are in reserve for the future of computer networks in the world, “September 11″ still has the archaic theater of violence aimed at the imagination. We can do a lot worse tomorrow, invisibly, in silence, much faster, but not bloody, by attacking the computer networks on which all life (social, economic, military, etc.). a ” great country, “the greatest power in the world. One day they will say:” September 11 “was the (good) old days of the last war”

Derrida, democracy and politics:

– “Being a Democrat, that would act by recognizing that we never live in a fairly democratic society”

– “All the nation states are born and based in violence. I think this undeniable truth. Without even produce shows on that terrible, just highlight a structural law: the moment of foundation, teacher time is earlier to law or legitimacy it establishes. It is therefore outside the law, and thereby violate ”

– “Returning to the issue of human rights, the concept of crimes against humanity, but also sovereignty. More than ever, these three patterns are linked in the public arena and in political discourse. Although often some concept of sovereignty is positively associated with the right person, right to self-determination, the ideal of emancipation, indeed the very idea of ​​freedom, the principle of human rights, is often in the name of human rights and to punish or prevent crimes against humanity that comes to limit, at least consider, for international intervention to limit the sovereignty of nation states ”


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