Diderot Quotes

Denis Diderot was a french philosopher of the Enlightenment, a major author of the Encyclopedia, Supplement to the Voyage of Bougainville and Jacques the Fatalist.

Diderot was a Pacifist, a rationalist, an advocate of political tolerance and deistic criticism of the Church, his philosophy is quite similar to that of Voltaire.

Diderot and philosophy:

– “We must demand of me that I seek the truth, not that I find”

– “The truth is often cold, common platform”

– “The purpose of an encyclopedia is to bring together the knowledge scattered over the surface of the earth to expose the general system to the men with whom we live, and transmit them to men who come after us”

– “The characteristic that distinguishes the philosopher and the vulgar, is that he admits nothing without evidence, that they deny to the point of misleading concepts and poses exactly the limits of certain, probable and uncertain ”

– “My ideas are my whores”


Diderot and Politics:

– “Beware of anyone who wants to bring order. Order is always the master of others make them embarrassing and Calabrese are almost the only ones who flattery legislators has none yet imposed ”

– “No man has received from nature the right to command others. Freedom is a gift from heaven”

– “If reason ruled the men had it on the heads of nations the empire owed, it would do to give themselves up indiscriminately to the fury of war”

– “Under any government whatsoever Nature has set limits to the suffering of peoples. Beyond these limits, it is either death or escape or revolt

Diderot and religion:

– “Never has any religion been so fruitful in crimes that Christianity, since the murder of Abel to the execution of Calas, not a line from his story that is bleeding”

– “This religion is, in my opinion, the most absurd and most atrocious in its dogmas, the most unintelligible, the most metaphysical, the more twisted and therefore more prone to divisions, sects, schisms, heresies, the most fatal the public peace, the most dangerous for the sovereigns by its hierarchy, its persecution and discipline, the flattest, most dismal, the more gothic and sad in these ceremonies, the most childish and most unsocial in its moral question, not in what he has in common with universal morality, but what is clean and what constitutes moral evangelical, apostolic and Christian, the most intolerant of all ”

Diderot, women and love:

– “There are only women who know how to love, men understand nothing”

– “Is what is master to become or not become lovers? And when it is, is it master to act as if it was not?”

– “There was so much indulgence when you have more love”


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