Descartes: Discourse on Method (Summary)

The discourse on method is a work by René Descartes published in 1637.

It is the first book of philosophy published in French current (previously published scholarly books were in Latin).

Rejecting all authority, Descartes explains in simple and accessible to all four rules that should allow everyone to get to the truth:

– Rule of certainty (“never to accept anything as true that I knew her for such a course”)

– Rule of the analysis (“Divide each difficulty I would look into as many parts as possible and would be required to better address”)

– Rule of the synthesis (“Driving my thoughts in order”)

– Rule of the list (“Make all the enumerations so complete and reviews so general that I was sure to omit nothing”)

This methodology allows Descartes to establish an astronomy, physics mechanics, a mechanistic biology, forming the foundation for the modern scientific method, as a rational method.

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