Epicurus Quotes

Father of Epicureanism, a philosophy based on the absence of pain (do not confuse Epicureanism with hedonism or eudemonism), Epicurus wrote several short texts in which he advocated a simple lifestyle, avoiding all kinds of excesses. More than a maximalist philosophy, Epicurus asserts a minimalist philosophy in his Letter to Menoeceus and Maxims where happiness is seen as an absence of suffering:

Epicurus Quotes on death:


– “Death is nothing to us”

– “Each of us left with the feeling that life has just been born”

– “Sometimes the fear of death that drives men to death”

– That person, because he is young, soon to philosophize, nor because he is old, never tired of philosophizing, for person shall undertake or too early or too late to ensure the health of the soul . And whoever said that the time for philosophy has not yet come, or that time is past, is like one who says, speaking of happiness, that time has not come or is gone ”

Epicurus Quotes on happiness:

– “We must meditate on what brings happiness, since when it has, it has everything, and when he misses, we do everything to have it”

– “Being happy is knowing how to be content with little”

– “About every desire, we must ask: what advantage does result if I do not meet these criteria?”

– “All our actions are intended to remove from us the pain and fear”

– “True wisdom, the real superiority does not win by fighting but by letting it happen for themselves. Plants that resist wind break, while the flexible plants survive the hurricane”

– “My heart is full of fun when I have bread and water”

– “Of the desires, some are natural and necessary, other natural and unnecessary, and others neither natural nor necessary, but the effect of opinions hollow”

– “The man who is not content to just never be satisfied with nothing”

Epicurus Quotes on friendship:

– “It’s not the intervention of our friends who helps us but knowing we can always count on them”

– “A friendship must be sought for itself, but it’s useful for the origin”

– “Among the things which wisdom is ammunition for the happiness of all life, by far the most important is the possession of friendship”

– “It is sweeter to give than to receive”

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