Eugenics, Cloning and Philosophy

Peter Sloterdijk

The issue of cloning and eugenics is a prominent issue of ethical philosophy.

A contemporary German philosopher, Peter Sloterdijk, spoke bluntly about this tricky theory (leading to a controversy with Jürgen Habermas) in four major books:

– Rules for the Human Park

– Domestication of Being

– Spheres

– Bubbles

Sloterdijk and humanism: the Death of Anthropocentrism

Sloterdijk wants to overtake the classical humanism. The contemporary humanists are for him “nostalgic conservative and clueless” people. The classical and bourgeois model is based on school and education. Humanism is a project of taming the bestialisation cons.

The philosophical project of Sloterdijk is to curb the current trends that the human being to return to the wild, marked by brutality and violence.

In his lineage, Heidegger, himself, had already exceeded the classical humanism: man must no longer be the friend of man, but the friend of Being. Being as asking first, he was operating decenter man, meant the death of anthropocentrism.


Sloterdijk and antropotechnics:

The farming of humanity, according to Sloterdijk, is necessary and inevitable, but it must be made aware. Adopt a self-domestication, take the turn of the anthropotechnie (the science of human productions). Nietzsche criticized the role of priests and teachers in raising men.

Making human subject, and not subject to selection, should be the center of a political case, “humanity can she do in his entire case, a passage from birth to fatalism Optional birth and prenatal selection? ” (Sloterdijk suggests that this prospect is disturbing)

The policy must however accept that it is a human asset management (Sloterdijk refers to the policy of Plato) as “the human being does not exist, it must produce itself in an ongoing dispute about its not being determined

In The Domestication of Being, Sloterdijk defended himself against criticisms made in his anthropotechnie.

For him, the biological technique “could degenerate into a hostage-taking companies from their own advanced technologies.” The anthropotechnie considers man as a product, while the biological technique is to plan strategically the Human Park.

Sloterdijk‘s philosophy is not a political program, he expects to generate the unthought of humanism (the domestication of man). It describes and prescribes no biological politics.

Controversial and polemical works Sloterdijk nonetheless excellent starting point to question the future of humanity, the issue of technology and its uses.


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