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Sigmund Freud

There is no need to introduce the inventor of the psychoanalysis. The work of Freud is so influential that his core concepts are passed into the everyday language. Each of us uses everyday terms such as “slip”, “unconscious,” “repression”, “sublime” without necessarily referring to the 3 topics theorist. We have memorized the following quotes :

Freud and death (Thanatos):

– “Death is unrepresentable own. In the unconscious, each of us is convinced of his immortality”

Freud and the dream:

– “The dream is the guardian of sleep”

– “The dream does not calculate or think; generally does not judge: it merely transform”

– “Every dream is wish-fulfillment”

Freud and religion:

– “By fixing its followers a strong psychic infantilism and making them share a collective delusion, religion succeeds in sparing quantity of human beings an individual neurosis”


Freud and civilization:

– “The fate of the human species seems to arise as well: the progress of civilization will he and to what extent, dominate the disturbances brought to life by common human impulses of aggression and self-destruction? Men today have grown so far controlling forces of nature with their help it has become easier to exterminate each other last ”

– “There is infinitely more men who accept the hypocritical civilization that men really and truly civilized”

– “Civilization is something imposed on a recalcitrant majority by a minority who understood how to take ownership of the means of power and coercion”

Freud and consciousness:

– “Conscience is the consequence of the renunciation of instincts”

– “Our conscience, far from being the implacable judge moralists are talking about, is by its origins,” social anxiety “and nothing more”

Freud and the child:

– “The origin of neuroses is to be found in trauma occurred in childhood”

– “If humanity was able to learn by direct observation of children, I could have spared myself the trouble to write this book”

– “In girls, there is no greater desire than that protected by the father”

Freud and Women:

– “After thirty years spent studying the psychology of women, I still have not answered the big question: What do they mean?”

– “Women are the Dark Continent”

– “Women, unsuitable for sublimation, suffer from an overflow of libido”

Freud and sexuality:

– “The desire to hurt the sexual object – or the opposite feeling, the desire is to hurt oneself – is a perversion of the most common sex life”

– “The qualities of the sexual object, we will call: Exciting”

– “The nature of normal sex life is insured by the conjunction to the object and purpose of sexual two streams, one of tenderness and sensuality than”

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