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Find out top philosophy quotes by major german philsoophers (Kant, Hegel, Nietzsche …)

Kierkegaard Quotes 0

Kierkegaard Quotes

Quotes & Important Sayings by Soëren Kierkegaard on Existentialism, Faith and Love Soeren Kierkegaard, a danish philosopher, is probably as much influential as much misunderstood by the public opinion. Kierkegaard is the real founder of existentialism,...

Husserl’s Quotes 0

Husserl’s Quotes

Best Quotes by Edmund Husserl Husserl is the founder of phenomenology, the current most influential philosophy branch of the 20th century, along the analytic philsoophy. Sartre, Heidegger and Levinas have extolled for having restored...

Schopenhauer’s Quotes 0

Schopenhauer’s Quotes

The philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer is often seen as a simple commentator on Kant. It is not the case. Schopenhauer is certainly Kantian, as Spinoza is Cartesian, but the contribution of Schopenhauer, including morality (his...

Hegel’s Quotes 0

Hegel’s Quotes

Best Quotes by Hegel The philosophy of Hegel is the most complete of the history of philosophy. As a true architect, Hegel has built a cathedral, a complete system, totalling all knowledge of his...

Leibniz’s Quotes 0

Leibniz’s Quotes

Leibniz‘s popularity all over the world is derived from the trial conducted by Voltaire (in Candide) over his alleged innocence or complacency. “Everything is for the best in the best of all worlds” would...

Heidegger Quotes 0

Heidegger Quotes

Heidegger is often considered as the greatest philosopher of the 20th century. Very technical and politically controversial, the philosophy of Heidegger is often reduced to a political position (Nazism), which is highly questionable. Heidegger...