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Jean-Luc Godard is a mythical name of the cinema industry. From his first movie, Breathless (1960) to Our Music (2004), he has covered all genres. His work includes both documentary and fiction, short films, videos and advertisements. He even expanded the scope of the various genres in the implementation of many “tests” documentary or fiction. Godard is a filmmaker who has profoundly revolutionized the film-writing and changed our view. Some of his films have become classics and they may have lost the power they had provocative at the time of their release on the screens

Many of his movies have a high philosophical value.

Here is a selection of his most interesting and original quotes:

Godard and Cinema:

– “A story should have a beginning, a middle, and an end… but not necessarily in that order”

– “Cinema is the most beautiful fraud in the world”

– “I pity the French Cinema because it has no money. I pity the American Cinema because it has no ideas”

-“Photography is truth. The cinema is truth twenty-four times per second”

– “Art attracts us only by what it reveals of our most secret self”

– “There is no such thing as intellectual property”

Godard and the Human Condition:

– “To be or not to be. That’s not really a question”

– “To me style is just the outside of content, and content the inside of style, like the outside and the inside of the human body. Both go together, they can’t be separated”

– “Why must one talk? Often one shouldn’t talk, but live in silence. The more one talks, the less the words mean”

– “irst there was Greek civilization. Then there was the Renaissance. Now we’re entering the Age of the Ass”


Jean-Luc Godard Main Films:

1960: Breathless

1961: A woman is a woman

1962: Living life

1963: The Carabinieri; Contempt

1964: Band of Outsiders

1965: Alphaville, Pierrot le fou

1966: Male female, 2 or 3 Things I Know About Her

1975: Number Two

1979: France detour around two children Run for your lives (life)

1982: Passion

1985: Hail Mary

1988-1998: Histoire (s) du cinéma

1991: Germany nine zero

1993: Alas for me

1995: JLG / JLG, Self-Portrait in December

2001: In Praise of Love

2004: Our Music

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