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Quotes by Hannah Arendt, a political thinker

Hannah Arendt‘s work is both very traditional (constant reference to the Greek philosophers) and modern (thinking on totalitarianism, the crisis of culture, the human condition). Tjis duality makes her philosophy reactionary and visionary at the same time.

Here are some memorable quotations by Hannah Arendt:

Hannah Arendt and the human condition:

– “Against the unpredictability against the chaotic uncertainty of the future, the remedy lies in the ability to make and keep promises.”

– “The main characteristic of mass man is not the brutality or mental retardation, but the isolation and lack of normal social relations”

– “We are free to change the world and to introduce novelty. Without this mental freedom to recognize or deny its existence. There would be no possibility of action”

– “Through work, man is neither the world nor united to other men, alone with his body, facing the brutal necessity of life”

– “The action would no longer be silent action because there would not be an actor”

Hannah Arendt and the definition of totalitarianism:

– “Totalitarianism always transformed classes into masses, the system replaces the left, moves the center of power of the military police, and implements a foreign policy aimed at world domination”

Hannah Arendt and politics:

– “Without a political public life guarantee, it lacks the worldly space where the freedom to make its appearance”

– “The totalitarian movements are mass organizations of atomized individuals and isolated”

– “We humanize what is happening in the world and we talked, and in this talk, we learn to be human”

– “The authority excludes the use of external means of coercion, where force is used, the authority itself has failed”

– “To deprive a person of his fundamental rights is, first depriving him of the ability of politics”

– “Political citizenship (which is a mode of action) should be thinking about how an act-together, itself inseparable from a” show-common-beings “whose imperative is the establishment and maintenance of a public space of appearances ”

– “To be political, to live in a polis, meant that all things are decided through words and persuasion and not by force or violence”

Hannah Arendt and culture:

– “The mass society does not crop but Recreation”

Hannah Arendt and ideology:

– “An ideology is precisely what its name indicates: it is the logic of an idea. The emancipation of thought regarding the experience”

– “The Third World is not a reality but an ideology”

Hannah Arendt and evil:

– “In the void of thought that fits the evil”

– “If war is still present, not that he is at the bottom of the human race a secret longing for death, not more than irrepressible instinct of aggression, it is not even This would be more plausible in the end, the fact that disarmament can submit an economic point of view and social issues from serious drawbacks, it comes simply because we have not yet seen on the political scene instance can be substituted for this supreme arbiter of international conflicts ”


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