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The philosophy of Hegel is the most complete of the history of philosophy. As a true architect, Hegel has built a cathedral, a complete system, totalling all knowledge of his time (art, religion, philosophy, history, …). Even if Hegel appears as pretentious (Kierkegaard), funky for others (Husserl, Sartre), it remains that the work of Hegel is one of the most complex (it is often recommended reading The Phenomenology of Mind from five years of philosophy at the university …)

We bet, however, that we can somewhat explain his thinking in retaining its leading thoughts and quotes:

Hegel’s sentences on Reason:


– “The mind is thinking: it takes as its object what is, and think as”

– “Reason can not think and act in the world because the world is not pure chaos”

Hegel and action:

– “The Externalization of the will as subjective or moral will is action”

Hegel and the subject:

– “Man is nothing else than the series of his acts”

– “The general awareness of self is so aware of oneself in the other me”

Hegel and history:

– “Nothing great has done great in the world without passion”

– “The reason governs the world and therefore governs and has governed world history”

– “Universal history is the progress in the consciousness of freedom”

– “The experience and history teach us that people and governments never have learned anything from history”

Hegel and the absolute:

– “In the hierarchy of the means used to express the absolute, religion and culture in the wake of reason hold the highest degree, well above that of art”

– “Art, religion and philosophy differ only in form, their purpose is the same”

Hegel and Truth:

– “In saying that beauty is an idea, we want to say is that beauty and truth are one and the same thing”

– “There is no philosophical opinions”

Hegel’s phrases on art:

– “Art is what reveals the truth to the conscience as sensitive”

– “If art does not go beyond mere imitation, he is unable to give us the impression of a living reality or real life: all he can offer us is a caricature of life ”


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