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Heidegger is often considered as the greatest philosopher of the 20th century.

Very technical and politically controversial, the philosophy of Heidegger is often reduced to a political position (Nazism), which is highly questionable. Heidegger embodies a vast synthesis of all philosophies, from Plato to Husserl, through Hegel and Kant.

We picked up some quotes by Martin Heidegger:

Heidegger and subjectivity / Dasein:


– “The Dasein is ahead of his world as the world and puts himself at the same time to himself as being in the world”

– “The authenticity of Dasein is that if freedom is freed from the” on ”

– “The Dasein is a being of distant”

– “The Dasein is a being-towards-death

Heidegger and Being:

– “What is Being?” It is neither God nor the foundation of the world. Being is what is closest ”

– “We come too late for the gods and too early for Being. Man is a poem that began Being”

– “Enlighten the Being is ek-sist”

– “Ontology is the understanding of Being”

Heidegger and Humanism:

– “Humanism means that man is essential to the truth of Being”

Heidegger and anxiety:

– “The anxiety is the fundamental provision which confronts us to nothing”

– “The fact that anxiety takes the moral conscience is there to confirm that phenomenally, hearing the call, Dasein is put in front of the strangeness of oneself. The advantage to see clearly into consciousness results to face the agony ”

– “The concern refers to the fact that Dasein (Huamin reality) is always ahead of himself, abandoned the world”

Heidegger and others:

– “The world is a common world”

– “The others are rather those which most of the time we do not stand”

– “The discharge is Dasein to think of Being”

Heidegger and Nothingness:

– “Nothingness is the negation of all the existing”

Heidegger and Technology:

“The technique encompasses all areas of being: the objectified nature, culture kept moving, the policy directed ideals exaggerated. The technique is completed metaphysics”

Heidegger and the art:

– “The essence of art, truth is putting itself out”

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