Hobbes Quotes

The lack of recognition of Hobbes philosophy all over the world is a real injustice as Hobbes’ influence is great on major thinkers and philosophers (Kant, Rousseau, Voltaire).

Ranked among materialist philosophers, his major work, Leviathan, has caused many controversies.

In turn accused of atheism and be favorable to tyranny, this book really raises the foundations of the concept of social contract. And it is precisely this social contract that will be the hallmark of modern political philosophy.

Hobbes and the state of nature:


– “It is clear that during this time where humans live without a common power only requires them all a respect mingled with fear, their condition is called war, and it is such that it is a war of everyone against everyone ”

– The most common cause that invites people to wish to be offended, and injure each other is that many looking at the same time the same thing, it happens very often they can not possess in common and it can not be divided. So we need the strongest wins, and that the fate of the battle to decide the question of Valour ”

– “Man is a wolf to man” (explanation of the wolf in Hobbes)

– “The desire to interfere in the state of nature is in all men but it does not always proceed from the same cause, and is not always equally culpable”

– “Where there is no common power, there is no law”

Hobbes and the politics:

– “There are some who believe it is necessary to truth, there is a sovereign power in the state, but if we gave the whole to one man or one court, all subjects become slave”

– “The theft, murder, adultery and all sorts of insults are forbidden by the laws of nature. But this is not the law of nature teaches that we must call it theft, murder , adultery, or injury by a citizen. That the civil law it must refer ”

– “The only way to build a common power is to entrust the power and strength to one man, or Assembly that would reduce all their wills, by majority rule in a single will . That is to say, appoint a man or a meeting, to assume the personality of the people and that everyone admits and recognizes as the author of anything done or would have done so, as to those things which concern the Peace and Security Policy, who has assumed their personality, and each, therefore, submit to his will and the will to trial and trial of this man or this meeting. The multitude, and united in one person is well known Republic. This is the generation of that great Leviathan ”

Hobbes and Human Nature:

– “As for the faculties of the mind, there are two species: to know and imagine, or create and move”

– “The privilege of absurdity is restricted to only human”

– “Laziness is the mother of philosophy”

– “The desire to know why and how is called curiosity”

– “When we say something is infinite, we just want to say that we are not able to devise the terms and terminals: this is not the thing we have a design, but our inability ”

– “There are three causes of strife in human nature: rivalry, distrust, pride”

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