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Best Quotes by Edmund Husserl

Husserl is the founder of phenomenology, the current most influential philosophy branch of the 20th century, along the analytic philsoophy. Sartre, Heidegger and Levinas have extolled for having restored philosophy as science. Phenomenology takes as its starting point the description of conscious experiences in an attempt to extract the essential experiences and the essence of what we experience. The fundamental insight of Husserl, this view has been to identify what he calls the a priori universal correlation, which means that the phenomenon in his show consists of the subject, to say that the world is “correlated with its subjective modes”:

Husserl and consciousness:

– “All consciousness is consciousness of something”

– “Conscience is the phenomenological me as a beam or interweaving of psychic experiences”

– “Conscience is the internal perception of own psychological experiences”

– “The word intentionality signifies nothing other than this particular property and that the general awareness of being aware of something to wear, as of cogito, his cogitatum itself”


Husserl and the transcendental ego:

– “The transcendental ego is the result of the bracketing of the objective world as a whole. I became aware of myself as a transcendental ego that […] is all that can be objective for me ”

Husserl and others:

– “The other is not a simple duplication of me because it never coincides with me because he is over there while I’m here”

– “Being in itself first, before any worldly objectivity and who is behind the transcendental intersubjectivity, all monads, which […] is Communitises”

– “I is not captured another just like my twin. I do not apprehend provided with my original sphere or sphere like mine, nor provided with space phenomena which belong to me as related to here. But look at it more closely, it is his body which consists of original and one way is given in the mode of a “snag absolute” functional center of its action ”

Husserl and the phenomenological reduction (Epoch):

– “The phenomenological reduction is the universal method and radical by which I grasped as pure ego, the life of pure consciousness of my own, living in and through which the whole objective world exists for me, just like that there for me ”

Husserl and the philosophy:

– “Anyone who really wants to become a philosopher must once in his life back upon itself and, within oneself, to try to reverse all the sciences admitted so far and try to rebuild”

– “The method of phenomenology is to go back to things themselves”

– “Philosophy is the universal unity of science on a rising absolute foundation”


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