Intersubjectivity – Definition


Intersubjectivity is a recent concept in philosophy. In Hegel, the question of otherness had no place, solipsism (only the subject existed) prevailed in Descartes and classical philosophers.

General definition:

Another, other men

Specific definitions of philosophers:

Hegel: “Since it is necessary that both self-consciousness, which is opposed to each other, trying to come forward and assert themselves, to each other and for each other, as a being-for-itself absolute, hence one who preferred life in freedom and who is powerless to do by itself and ensure its independence, regardless of its reality shows sensitive, thus enters into the report servitude “(Phenomenology of Spirit)

Sartre: “Others, the other that is to say a self that is not myself” (Being and Nothingness)

Sartre: “Others, myself is that which separates me nothing, absolutely nothing except his pure and total freedom” (Being and Nothingness)

Sartre: “The Other is the mediator between me and myself […] For The Self-refer to the For-Others” (Being and Nothingness)

Derrida: “As long as the other as other have not been in any way” welcomed “the epiphany in the withdrawal or visitation of his face, there can be meaningful to talk about peace. With the same one is never alone “(The Concept of September 11)

Derrida: “The Other is secret because he is another” (The Concept of September 11)

Levinas: “The self, to others, is infinitely responsible” (Totality and Infinity)

Levinas: “The face of my neighbor is an otherness that opens the afterlife. The God of heaven is accessible without losing its transcendence, but without denying the freedom of the believer “(Totality and Infinity)

Levinas: “The face speaks” (Totality and Infinity)

Husserl: “I does not apprehend the other just like my twin. I do not apprehend provided with my original sphere or sphere like mine, nor provided with space phenomena which belong to me as related here. But look at it more closely, it is his body which consists of original and one way is given in the mode of a “snag absolute” functional center of its action “( Cartesian Meditations)

Heidegger: “The others are rather those which most of the time we do not stand” (Being and Time)


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