Jean-Paul Sartre Quotes

Jean-Paul Sartre

Famous Quotes by Jean-Paul Sartre, a french existentialist

Jean-Paul Sartre, a French philosopher, is the most read and most commented thinker around the world. Founder of the existentialist philosophy, his work owes much to Kierkegaard, Heidegger and Husserl mainly.

Sartre wrote drama, romance and political manifestos. The  diversity of his work, combined with the aridity of its terminology, make his philosophy a complex thought to understand . Here are some quotes to get the gist of his philosophy:

Sartre and existence:

– “Existence precedes essence”

– “One always dies too soon – or too late. And yet life is there, complete. You’re nothing but your life”

– “What is that to exist? To drink without thirst”

– “The existence precedes essence. This means that man first exists, occurs, arises in the world, and he then defines himself”

Sartre and Freedom:

– “Man is condemned to be free”

– “Anxiety is the dizziness of freedom”

– “Only acts decide what we wanted”

– “You can always make something of what has made us”

– “Not choosing is a choice”

– “Man is nothing else than what he did”

– “Choice and consciousness are one and the same thing”

– “Every man must invent his own path”

– “Actually, we are a freedom which chooses, but we do not choose to be free: we are condemned to freedom”

– “I build the universal in choosing me, I build it by understanding the project from any other man, whatever time it is”

– “Being condemned to be free, it means you can not find my limits freedom of others than herself”

– “It is in failure that we must act”

Sartre and consciousness:

– “Being conscious is explode to the world”

– “The consciousness is itself at the same time as she is aware of the other”

– “Conscience is really a consciousness of consciousness, because to be aware of world consciousness must be consciousness of itself”

Sartre and others:

– “So, that’s hell. … I never thought You remember: sulfur, bonfire, the grill … Ah, what a joke. No need to grill: Hell is other people ”

– “The Other, is it me who is not me”

– “I is not others, I encounter”

– “My original sin is the existence of others”

– “Conflict is the original meaning of the For-Others”


– “This is another first for me being who I am subject”

– “My original sin is the existence of the other”

– “I am seen therefore I am”

– “The For-itself is still a For-Others”

– “There is oppression than freedom from freedom”

– “A man can always make something of what made him”

Sartre and the body:

– “The body is not united with consciousness, it is entirely psychological”

– “The body is a for-itself, not an in-itself in the For-Itself”

– “The consciousness exists in his body”

Sartre and love:

– “Love is, in essence, the project to be loved”

– “One love, a career, a revolution, as many companies as we begin ignoring their outcome”

– “That is the essence of the joy of love, when it exists: we feel justified to exist”

– “Love is the project to be loved”

– “The ideal of love is now alienated freedom: everyone wants the freedom to alienate the other”

– “My original attempt to grab me the free subjectivity of the other through its object-ness to me is the sexual desire”

– “The being who desires is incorporated in the consciousness”

– “The desire expressed by the caress as thought by language”

– “The pleasure is death and the failure of desire”

– “Motherhood is the ontological possibility of brotherhood”

Sartre, violence and war:

– “Violence is not a means among others to reach the end, but a deliberate choice to reach the end by any means”

– “Half victim, half accomplice, like everyone else”

– “The war we do not: it is that makes us”

– “When the rich are making war, it is the poor who die”

Sartre, God and atheism:

– “God is dead, but the man is not, however, became an atheist. The silence of the transcendent, permanently attached to the need for religion in modern humans is the big deal today as yesterday”

– “The absence of God is not the closure, it opens man on infinity”

– “God is the solitude of men … If God exists, man is nothing”


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