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Quotes & Important Sayings by Soëren Kierkegaard on Existentialism, Faith and Love

Soeren Kierkegaard, a danish philosopher, is probably as much influential as much misunderstood by the public opinion. Kierkegaard is the real founder of existentialism, which has made possible the development of the philosophies of Heidegger and Sartre. Fighting along his life against Hegel, Kierkegaard differs from his congeners by a very poetic language and his mastery of irony.

Find below great quotes by Soëren Kierkegaard.

Kierkegaard and possible:

– “There’s nothing more fragrant, more sparkling, more intoxicating than the infinity of possibilities”

– “Failure of any possible means that we need and has become banal”

– “The pleasure is disappointing, the possibilities Never”

– “The enjoyment itself is not in the thing we enjoy, but the idea of ​​it”

Kierkegaard, love, seduction and marriage:

– “The important thing is not to be the first lover of a woman, but the last”

– “If it is not making this absolute love with what another story goes, one should never venture to love, even if they got married ten times”


– “Love is found only in freedom, and only it there for recreation and fun forever”

– “How to be listed as a dream in the mind of a young girl is an art, going out is a masterpiece”

– “What does love loves ? Infinity. What does love fear ? Limits”

– “Every woman has a seducer. Her happiness is only to meet him”

– “The female nature is a drop in the form of resistance”

– “Bring a girl to see the total abandonment as the single task liberty”

– “There is too little to love one love … in the greatest possible number, which is now enjoying,” this is living ”

– “Do not speak ill of the paradox, passion of thought: the thinker without paradox is like the lover without passion, a great mediocrity”

– “The key is detecting whether a woman can give and what a result, she asked”

– “How beautiful it is to be loving and interesting to know, this is not the same thing”

– “When two people fall in love one another, it is important to have the courage to break, because it has everything to lose by persisting and nothing to gain”

– “When a girl has given everything she has lost everything”

– “Admiration is a happy abandon of oneself, the desire of a claim me unhappy”

Kierkegaard and passions:

– “We lost more when we lost the passion when we got lost in his passion”

– “Faith is the highest passion of any man”

– “Admiration is a happy abandon of oneself, the desire of a claim me unhappy”

Kierkegaard and subjectivity:

– “The more one thinks about it objectively, there is less”

– “Life is not a problem to solve but a reality that must be experienced”

– “Life must be lived looking forward, but it can not be understood by turning to the past”

Kierkegaard and Freedom:

– “Anxiety is the dizziness of freedom”

Kierkegaard and metaphysics:

– “It is the supreme paradox of thought to want to discover something she herself can not think”

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