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Best Quotes by Milan Kundera

The writer Milan Kundera has developed a work both historical and poetic. Opposed to communism and totalitarianism, his novels present their  characters in a historical context in which they seek to extricate themselves. Easy to read a priori, his philosophy is however arduous and complex, since Kundera has been heavily influenced by Heidegger and Sartre mainly. His novels have a metaphysical dimension, as Kundera’s characters are constantly trying to give meaning to their existence.

Include some of his novels:

– Life is Elsewhere

– Laughable Loves

– The Joke

– Identity

– Immortality

– The Farewell Waltz

Kundera and love:

– “Metaphors are dangerous. Love begins with a metaphor”

– “When a woman does not live enough with her body, the body eventually shows him as an enemy”

– “For an unforgettable love, the hazards must converge there from the first moment”

– “Beauty is the abolition of the chronology and the revolt against time”


– “The greatest misfortune of man is a happy marriage. No hope of divorce”

– “Jealousy has the amazing power to illuminate the unique being of intense rays and keep the other men in total darkness”

– “Sensuality is the maximum mobilization of the senses: there is another and listen intently to the smallest noises”

Kundera, God and religion:

– “The nostalgia of Paradise is the desire of the man not being a man”

– “Religion and humor are incompatible”

Kundera tenderness:

– “Tenderness is the fear of adulthood”

– “The memory of disgust is more powerful than the memory of tenderness!”

Kundera and friendship:

– “Here is the true and only reason for friendship: to provide a mirror in which one can contemplate his image of old who, without the eternal blah-blah of memories between pals, would long since erased ”

– “Friendship is to be a guard at the door which hides her privacy is to be one that will never open that door, to which no one will open”

Kundera, subjectivity and existence:

– “Existence is not what happened, there is the field of human possibilities, everything that man can become, everything he is capable”

– “The source of fear is in the future, which is released from the future has nothing to fear”

– “We always want, above all, the inaccessible, with greed”

– “We never learn why and how we agaçons other, how we are sympathetic them, how we paraissons their ridiculous our own image for us is the greatest mystery”

Kundera and morality:

– “What does” useful “? The sum of the value of all human beings of all time is entirely contained within the world as it is today. Accordingly, nothing more moral than being useless ”

– “The secrecy of all virtues, is the supreme virtue”

Kundera and communism:

– “The private and the public are essentially two different worlds, and respect for this differenc is the sine qua non for Q’una man can live in freedom”

– “If any man had the opportunity to assassinate secretly and remotely, humanity would disappear in a few minutes”


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