Libertarianism is a political philosophy advocating the individual freedom as Natural Law, as a fundamental value of social relations, economic exchanges and political system. Libertarians are based on the principle of non-agression2 which states that no one can take the initiative of physical force against an individual, his person, liberty or property.

In fact, his supporters, libertarians are in favor of a reduction or a disappearance of the state as a system based on coercion in favor of a free and voluntary cooperation between individuals.

The Libertarian Party, claiming that school of thought, was born in 1971 in the United States, with the publication of the book by Robert Nozick, Anarchy, State and Utopia, which criticized the Theory of Justice by John Rawls and in particular the “difference principle ”

Famous libertarians:

Robert Nozick, a former professor at Harvard University

Nozick Libertarianism

Ayn Rand, American novelist and philosopher, even if it rejected the term libertarian

Rand Libertarianism

David Friedman, professor at the University of Chicago and the son of the famous economist Milton Friedman

Murray Newton Rothbard, American philosopher and economist