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Machiavelli is also one of the most misread writers and philosophers, still one of the most famous philosophers. Reduced to the cliche of “realpolitik”, some analysts argued that Machiavelli brought cynicism in politics. It is of course ridiculous, especially his Prince is a guide for the exercise of power based on pragmatism. Machiavelli did not try (unlike Kant and other moralists) to define a political ideal, but workable, suitable for men as they are, rather than we wish they are.

Here are some proofs, by using some of his most famous quotes:

Machiavelli and Fortune:

– “Fortune does not change for those who do not comply with the time”

– “The Fortune is a woman. You have to fight to dominate”

– “Chance governs a little more than half of our actions, and we run the rest”


Machiavelli and human nature:

– “Men do not know to be neither entirely good nor entirely bad”

Machiavelli and war:

– “A war is fair when it is necessary”

– “All the princes were defeated by force of arms or perished being disarmed”

– “War, institutions and rules that concern is the only object to which a prince must give its thoughts and its application, which he agrees to do its job: this is the true profession of whoever governs, and by it, not just those who are born princes may persist, but even those born Individuals can often become a prince ”

– “A well-constituted state must direct the people the art of war as an exercise, a subject of study in peace, and during the war as an object of necessity and an opportunity to gain fame but it is the government alone, as he practiced in Rome, at the exercise as a profession ”

Machiavelli and ethics:

– “You have a good estimate as the lesser evil”

– “An act of justice and gentleness often has more power over the human heart that violence and barbarism”

Machiavelli and Politics:

– “Everything is not political, but politics is interested in everything”

– “There are two ways of fighting: one with laws, the other with force. The first is that of men, the second to beasts. But very often the first is not enough, there is need use the second ”

Machiavelli and political philosophy:

– “Many have figured republics and principalities that have never been and never will. But there is so far from how we live how we should live that he who leaves that is for what should be done, trying to lose rather than to save himself. And therefore, there must be a man who wants to profess to be quite good, among many others who are not , perish sooner or later ”

Machiavelli and Democracy:

– “A people that order, under the influence of a good constitution, will be as stable as prudent, recognizing also that a prince, what do I say? It will be even more than the prince’s most esteemed for his wisdom . On the other hand, a prince who was able to free themselves from the yoke of laws will be more ungrateful, more mobile, more reckless than the people ”


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