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Quotes & Sayings by Marcus Aurelius, roman philosopher

Marcus Aurelius was a Roman emperor, usually related to the Stoic philosophy (others famous stoic philosophers are  Seneca, Epictetus, Zeno). Famous for its moral rectitude, Marcus Aurelius exerted a decisive influence on his time and moral philosophy in general (until Montaigne). His only book is entitled: Thoughts for myself. Marcus Aurelius defended a Philosophy of death and its acceptance, his thoughts are valuable to understand the fragility and contingency of human nature . According, to Marcus Aurelius, Wisdom consists to accept the order of the  world, in order to be a reflection of the order of the cosmos.

Marcus Aurelius and the human condition:

– “Do everything, say and think any man who can leave at the moment of life”

– “Death is not only a natural action, but it’s still useful work to Nature”

– “The Time This is the same for all, we must not lose neither the past nor the future, how to remove someone because he did not do?”

– “The time of man’s life, a moment his soul, a whirlwind, his reputation, a vague opinion. His life is a war. What then can we help? Philosophy. And philosophy is this: to ensure that engineering is still in us without injury and without injury, and is above the pleasures and pains ”

– “You have survived as part of the Whole. You will disappear in what you got product”

Marcus Aurelius and wisdom:

– “You can, now that you want, you withdraw into yourself. Nowhere man finds more quiet and more quiet retirement in his soul”

– “Serenity is the art of doing without the assistance of others”

– “All that is left to the good man is to love and welcome the unexpected accidents and events spun together with its destiny”

Marcus Aurelius, Nature and the Order of the World

– “Everything to me agrees that suits you, O World!”

– “Remember that whatever happens, happens fairly”

– “Think often the connection of all things in the world and their mutual relations, they are arguably intertwined with each other and thus have for each other a mutual friendship, and that under the connection that leads him and the unity of matter ”

– “All things are interrelated and a sacred tie, and there is almost nothing that has relations. All beings are coordinated together, all contribute to the harmony of the world”

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