Karl Marx Quotes

Marx is probably the most misunderstood philosopher in the history of thought (except Nietzsche, perhaps …).

Reduced to a few sentences and a catastrophic historical experience (Communism in the USSR), Marx has in fact developed a vast,rich, and complex thought. Here are some excerpts and Quotes:

Marx and capital:

“The law that keeps constantly balancing on overcrowding, or industrial reserve army, and the magnitude and energy of accumulation, bank more firmly the worker to capital than do the corners of Hephaistos never nailed Prometheus to his rock. It implies an accumulation of misery proportional to the accumulation of capital. The accumulation of wealth at one pole means so simultaneously to the other pole accumulation of misery, of torture to the task, of slavery, ignorance, brutality and moral degradation to the class whose product is clean from the outset capital ”

– “Capital is like the vampire, not only animates sucking living labor, and his life all the more joyful it pump more”

– “The production engenders capitalism as an inexorable law of nature, its own negation”

– “To each according to his needs”

– “The unemployed are the reserve army of capitalism”

– “The operation is a forced transfer of surplus value”


Marx and the proletariat:

– “The proletarians have nothing but their labor power to sell”

– “The ruling ideas are those of the ruling class”

– “The emancipation of workers must be the work of the workers themselves”

– “People do form a class only if they support a common struggle against another class for the rest, they confront each other as enemies in the competition”

– “The field of freedom begins where the work determined by the need”

– “In the family, man is the bourgeois, the woman plays the role of the proletariat”

Marx and Philosophy:

– “The philosophers have only interpreted the world, our task is to change it”

– “The theory is able to capture the masses, when she argues ad hominem and ad hominem once it becomes radical”

Marx and religion:

– “Religion is the opium of the people”

– “Atheism is a negation of God, and by this denial, it posits the existence of man”

Marx and the class struggle:

– “The history of any company until now has been that the history of class struggles”

– “An idea becomes a force when it seizes the masses”

– “This is not the consciousness of men that determines their being, but conversely, their social being that determines their consciousness”

Marx and work:

– “From the time the work begins to have walked away, each into a circle of activities determined and exclusive, it is taxed and therefore he can not escape, he is a hunter, fisherman, shepherd or” critical criticism ” and he must remain under penalty of losing the resources it needs to live. In communist society, the opposite: no one is locked into an exclusive circle of activity and each can form in any branch of his choice and is the company that regulates the general production and allows me to do one thing today and another tomorrow, to hunt in the morning, fish in the afternoon to take care of livestock at night and devote myself to criticism after the meal, as I want, without ever becoming hunter, fisherman, shepherd or critic

– “The labor-value: the value of an object depends on the amount of work necessary for its production”

Marx and communism:

– “For us, communism is not a state of affairs should be established, an ideal to which reality must conform. We call communism the real movement which abolishes the present state of things”


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