Montaigne Quotes: Friendship and Wisdom

Michel Montaigne philosopher

If Michel Montaigne lived in the 21st century, it would undoubtedly be a web blogger. Founder of introspection, of course, but also the precursor of skepticism and structuralism.

His friendship with La Boetie is famously quoted as one of the most fertile intellectual collusion.

Montaigne, friendship and others:

– “My opinion is that it must lend itself to others and does give than oneself”

– “Friendship is a general and universal heat, tempered, moreover, and equal”

– “Everyone calls barbarity that is not its purpose”

– “When we could be well learned the knowledge of others, at least wise can we be that our own wisdom”


Montaigne and subjectivity:

– “Every man carries within himself the whole shape of the human condition ‘

– “It’s absolute perfection and virtually divine to know how to enjoy her being”

– “I prefer to forge my soul than furnish it”

– “Most of our occupations are comical. We must play our role properly, but the role of a character borrowed”

– “It is unbearable to be always alone than never be able to do”

– “We live by chance”

Montaigne and death:

– “In truth, to tame death, I find that there would be around”

– “Death does not concern you dead or alive: alive, because you are, death, because you’re not

– “That to philosophize is to learn to die”

– “Always be booted and ready to go”

Montaigne, women and love:

– “In bed, goodness beauty premium”

– “A pretty woman is a paradise for your eyes!”

– “The pleasures of love are the only real pleasures of bodily life”

Montaigne and wisdom:

– “It’s the enjoyment, not the possession that makes us happy”

– “Anything that can be made another day, may be today”

– “Wisdom has its excesses and has no less need of moderation than folly”

– “Life in itself is neither good nor bad: it is the place of good and evil depending on whether you make them”


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