Napoleon’s Quotes

Quotes & Essential Sayings by Napoleon

Why is it necessary to quote Napoleon in the philosophical sphere ? Because Napoleon’s memoirs and speeches form brilliant reflections on politics, power, war and history. In short, Napoleon is not only an interesting object of political philosophy and political science, it is also an actor of political philosophy.

Hegel said his admiration for the French Emperor: “I saw the Emperor – this world soul ; it is indeed a wonderful feeling to see such a person who, concentrated here on a point, sitting on a horse, extends to the world and dominates it. ” Napoleon is seen as an essential moment in history, one that completes the French Revolution.

Here are some quotations that trace the political thought of Napoleon:

Napoleon and the war:

– “Do not confront the same enemy too often, you could teach your art of war”

– “In love as in war, to end, you have to get up close”

Napoleon and great men:

– “Men of genius are meteors destined to burn to light their century”

– “Man is never so great as his knees before God”

– “What I want most is the greatness that is great is always beautiful”

– “Men are like numbers, they acquire value only in their position”

Napoleon and politics:

– “We govern better men through their vices than their virtues”

– “The best way to keep his word is never to give”

– “The word” political virtue “is nonsense”

– “The good policy is to make people believe they are free


Napoleon and religion:

– “A society without religion is like a ship without a compass”

– “The Christian religion is a very civilized people. She raised the man she proclaims the superiority of spirit over matter, mind over the body and is born in the Greek schools and is the triumph of Socrates, of Plato ”

Napoleon and the freedom of the press:

– “I fear three newspapers more than 100,000 bayonets”

Napoleon and finance:

– “When a government is dependent upon bankers for money, it is the latter, not the government leaders who control the situation, since the hand that gives is above the hand that receives. Money has no motherland, financiers have no patriotism and have no decency, their sole objective is gain ”

Napoleon and inequality:

– “Man at birth carries with it rights to the portion of the fruits of the land necessary for its existence”

Napoleon and courage:

– “We can not pretend to be brave”

– “With audacity, you can do everything, we can not do everything”


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