Nietzsche: God is dead (Explanation)

Nietzsche : death of God

God is dead is often how Nietzsche’s philosophy is summarized. Let’s try a bit to see its origin and its consequences.

The projet of Nietzsche is to “overturn the table of values,” to think the man from himself, and not anymore from God.

This quote is from the work Also Sprach Zarathustra (Thus Spoke Zarathustra), who presents himself as an Antichrist, that is to say a anti-Bible. The book tells the story of Zarathustra, which has the mission to proclaim the coming of the Superman.

When I came first among men, I made the folly of the lonely, the great folly: I put in the public square. And as I was talking to everyone I spoke to anyone. But in the evening dancers rope and corpses were my companions and I myself almost a corpse. But with the new morning, a new truth came to me while I learned to say: “What matters in public and populace, the noise of the populace and the long ears of the populace! “higher men, learn this of me: the public square nobody believes in the superior man. And if you want to talk about in public, at your leisure “But the mob blink of the eye:” We are all equal. “higher men, well-wink the populace, there is no higher men, we are all equal, one man is a man, before God we are all equal! “Before God!” But now that God is dead. Before the populace, however, we do not want to be equal. Higher Men, stay away from the public square! [.. .] Higher Men! Now only the mountain of the human future will bring forth. God is dead: now we want the Superman-live


Why Nietzsche “kill” God?

God, according to Nietzsche, is incompatible with the dignity of man, with the affirmation of life.

God and his son Christ, are synonymous with suffering and death (the Dionysian pole). Now man is life-affirming (the Apollonian pole). The man can not ask that in opposing God. The death of God is the condition of human liberation:

Higher men” Now only the mountain of the human future will bring forth. God is dead: now we want the Superman-live

If God is dead , what becomes the man?

Become what you are” may summarize the answer to the question.

God’s death is not the end, God’s death is the beginning of human transformation. The man is a bridge, a rope between subhuman and superman. This construction involves three steps:

Camel: the accumulation phase of knowledge, without reflection

– The lion phase destruction of all knowledge, what we stood for real

– The child renaissance ex nihilo, from nothing. A Phase of pure creation of new knowledge and a new morality.

The man, without God, no longer receiving any instructions. He posed for real what he believes to be real. It no longer receives moral judgments; to apply, he built entirely: it is good that I want.

Monster of will and domination, being who can laugh, be nasty, man Nietzschean faces the mob to establish itself as a superior being, who does not hesitate to fight for domination.

Alone and without guide, man becomes superman.

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