Is Humanism a philosophical school ?

Yes. Humanism was born during the Renaissance (Montaigne, Erasmus, Rabelais, orhave are the illustrious fathers). This philosophical movement continues until the 20th century (think of Sartre and the title of his famous lecture: Existentialism is a Humanism)

Kant’s Books

Kant has not the biggest work of the history, but certainly one of the most influential thought. 1781. Kritik der reinen Vernunft. 2nd ed.,…

When was philosophy born?

The birth of philosophy, in its oral tradition, did not leave a trace enough to be dated. For the written tradition, the philosophy goes back to Homer, the first book of humanity.

What is the Copernican revolution in Kant?

The Copernican revolution is an analogy used by Kant. Copernicus discovered that the earth revolves around the sun, while the opposite was thought before him. Similarly, in The Critique of Pure Reason, Kant reverses the traditional relationsubject / object: it…

Was Socrates gay?

Yes, this is not a myth. In many dialogues of Plato, Socrates is presented as a homosexual, attractedparticularly by young youths (including Alcibiades). According to Socrates, only thesex between men can achieve the idea of ​​beautiful bodies, the male /…