Parmenides and Heraclitus Philosophy : Being against Chaos

Heraclitus philosopher

Heraclitus and Parmenides are two Greek philosophers, two of the main figures of the pre-Socratic period.

Fragments of Heraclitus and those of Parmenides (On Nature) have been the subject of a lot of comments, from Plato to Heidegger. The influence of Heraclitus on Nietzsche is decisive, especially on his Dionysian theory.

Heraclitus and the universal movement : A philosophy of change

Heraclitus describes a world in motion, dominated by the element of fire, a chaotic world in which human reason is struggling to find its place. Here are excerpts and quotes by Heraclitus:

– “You cannot take a bath twice in the same river”

– “War is the father of everything”


– So does it follow (logos) common, but although it is common to all, many live as if they had a mind to them ”

– “It is only wise thing is to know the thoughts that can govern everything everywhere”

– “This world has always been and is and will be a fire alive, eating in moderation and with restraint extinguishing”

– The sun is new every day ”

– “This is contrary useful form that struggle the most beautiful harmony, everything is done by dissension”

– “Men can not hope nor believe what awaits them after death”

– “The man tried to keep its views known”

– “This world was made by any of the gods or by any of the men he has always been and always will be eternally living fire, lighting and extinguishing measure by measure”

– “They do not understand how the struggle with oneself can agree. The harmony of the world is opposite tension, like the lyre and the bow”

– “You should know that war is common, justice contention that everything is made and destroyed by discord”

– “I searched myself”

Parmenides and being: An Eleatic Philosophy

Parmenides, on the contrary, promotes a philosophy of universal harmony. The wise man must find his place in the Cosmos, part of the Universal Whole.

– “Being is, non-being is not”

– “You will not succeed in cutting the continuity of Being with Being, so that it vanishes outside, nor does it come together”

– “The first line of research says that Being is and is not possible it is not. This is the path of certainty, because it accompanies the truth. The other is Being that is not necessarily and the Not-Being is. This route is a narrow path where one can learn nothing ”

– “You can not have knowledge of what is not, you can not grasp or express”


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