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blaise pascal

One is often opposed Pascal to Descartes spontaneously. Blaise Pascal, a scientist, relies on the heart and not the reason to go to God. Contrary to Descartes, who uses reason to access God, which therefore seems cold. These are two models against which a people and individuals can be defined. Here are some quotes thaht show how smart and sensitive was the philosophy of Pascal:

Pascal and passions:

– “The heart has its reasons which reason does not knows”

– “Imagination is mistress of error and falsehood”

– “Living with Hope is a life that is as good as others”


Pascal and subjectivity:

– “Man is a reed, the weakest of reeds, but it is a thinking reed”

– “Man is not lost between two infinities”

– “Two extremes: Exclude the reason, admit that the reason”

– “The last step of reason is to recognize that there are an infinity of things which surpass”

– “The ego is hateful”

– “Man is neither angel nor beast, and the misfortune is that he who wants to play the angel plays the beast”

– “That man’s heart is hollow and full of junk!”

– “All men seek happiness, to those who burn their brains”

Pascal and entertainment:

– “Entertainment. The men could not cure death, misery, ignorance, they are advised to make himself happy, not to think of”

– “Making fun of philosophy is really to philosophize”

– “All the misfortune of men just one thing, which is not knowing remain at rest in a room ”

– “The world is so worried that we never think about the present, but one where we live. So we are always able to live in the future and never to live now”

Pascal and friendship:

– “If men knew what they were saying to each other, there would not be four friends in the world”

– “Curiosity is only vanity, the more often we do not want to talk about that”

Pascal and God:

– “That it is far from the knowledge of God to love him!”

– “It’s the heart that feels God, not reason. That is what faith is that God sensitive heart, not reason”


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