Philosophical Literature

philosophical literature

Literature and philosophy

Literature and philosophy go hand in hand and can form a continuum: some authors publishing trials (Balzac), as well as some philosophers novels (Camus, Sartre). There are no philosophical questions ignored by the literature.
But beyond these bridges, there are actually many novels and philosophical literature in a thesis.It was not easy to agree on a list, so it is very one-sided:

1. Confession of a Child of the Century – Alfred de Musset

2. The Journal of the Seducer – Kierkegaard

3. In Search of Lost Time – Proust

4. The Fall – Camus

5. Nausea – Sartre

6. Crime and Punishment – Dostoevsky

7. The Unbearable Lightness of Being – Kundera

8. Journey to the End of the Night – Celine

9. The Trial – Kafka

10. Faust – Goethe

We will make a brief summary of each work and assemble the philosophical content of each of the novels.

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