Philosophical Problems & Questions

Philosophy raises essential questions about lige and tries to force men to think by themselves. Morality, metaphysics and politics are the main branch of the philosophy.

Here is a list of major philosophical questions and problems :

1. How the world has been done?

This is basically the main question in metaphysics: Why is there something rather than nothing? Leibniz created a whole philosophy to answer this question.

2. Can our senses tell us what the world is actually done?

This is the classical empiricism/idealism debate. Empiricists (Hume for instance) think our senses are the best way to experience the world, while idealists (Kant) thinks the world can be known only by the spirit.

3. Are we actually free?

Spinoza is one of the most interesting thinker on this problem. According to him, we act like a falling rock, we think we are free but we ignore causes that make us move. Sartre as well put freedom at the heart of his philosophy system.

4. Is there a correct way to live?

5. Does God exists ?

6. What is time?

7. What is space?

8. What am I?

9. How can we live together?

10. Why is there something rather than nothing ?