Philosophy: Free Courses

Online, free and comprehensive philosophy courses provides free resources and philosophy courses for students, as well as tests for philosophy exams. Written by a graduated team from the university of  New York, every article are subject to a careful review by an editorial committee.

Our articles are trying to be original and complete by reviewing all the major concepts of philosophy (desire, death, freedom, God, …), on all continents (Europe, U.S., Asia, …) and the major authors of history of philosophy (Aristotle, Kant, Descartes, Sartre, Plato, …)

 Contradictory Courses

The approach of our current philosophy is contradictory: instead of presenting only one view of an issue, our concern is to present all points of view argued to not fall into the dogmatic trap. Of course, a pure objective course is impossible, but we respect the diversity.

A diversified approach

Beyond the great writers, we are trying to diversify our way of thinking through cinema or music. We also adopt a pedagogical approach that allows students to test their knowledge (free quiz)

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