Best Philosophy Quotes

Even if one cannot summarize the history of philosophy only with quotes and quotations, some philosophy quotes are must-known !

Here is our selection of the best philosophy quotes grabbed from most known philosophers and thinkers (Socrates, Descartes, Kant, …), in our humble opinion:

Famous philosophy quotes:

Descartes: “I think, therefore i am”

Socrates: “Know yourself”

Kant: “Learn to philosophize, not philosophy”

Kant: “What do I know? – What should I do? – What am I allowed to hope?”

Nietzsche:  “Become what you are”

Nietzsche: “God is dead”

Plato: “This is the true mark of a philosopher that the sense of wonder”

Aristotle: “Man is a political animal”

Aristotle: “Happiness is an end in itself”

Voltaire: “If God did not exist it would have to invent”

Kierkegaard: “Life is not a problem to solve but a reality that must be experienced”

Spinoza: “Man is not an empire within an empire”

Locke: “The knowledge of man can not extend beyond his own experience”

Marx: “Philosophers have only interpreted the world, we have now to transform it”

Hobbes: “Man is a wolf to man”

Epicurus: “Death is nothing to us”

Machiavelli: “The Fortune is a woman. You have to fight it to dominate”

Hume: “The ego is a fictional idea”

Hegel: “Nothing great has become great in the world without passion”


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