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Famous Quotes & Phrases by Plato

Plato is perhaps the most famous philosophers. Yet he wrote nothing (except a few letters). His teaching and that of Socrates, are oral.

Difficult to find in a thought and a work as gigantic as Plato’s. Find Some quotes to hold some key to enter the Platonic philosophy:

Plato and the definition of philosophy:

– “This sense of wonder is the mark of the philosopher”

– “You have to call philosophers those working in any gasoline, and not the opinion of friends”

– “In dealing with philosophy as it should, it does nothing else than to seek the death and state that follows”

– “Man is the measure of all things”

– “Life is a short exile”

– “The key is not to live but to live well”

– “The unexamined life is not worth living”

Plato, desire and love:

– “What we did not, what is not, what is missing, these are objects of love”

– “Everyone seeks his half”

– “Are there greater pleasure or brighter than physical love? No, nor is there pleasure more unreasonable”

– “Touched by love, every man becomes a poet”

Plato and Public Opinion (doxa):

– “The opinion is something intermediate between knowledge and ignorance”

Plato and wisdom:

– “Everyone thinks because it is solely responsible for the wisdom or folly of his life, that is to say of his destiny”

– “I know is that I know nothing”

– “Know thyself”

Plato and the body:

– “The body is the tomb of the soul”


Plato and morality:

– “No one is voluntarily wicked”

– “It is this force that holds at all times fair and legitimate opinion on what to fear and not fear what I call courage and defined”

– “This is not to live according to the science that brings happiness, nor even to bring all the sciences at a time, but to have the only knowledge of good and evil”

Plato and knowledge:

– “To learn is to recollect what had been forgotten”

– “The soul never reasons better than when it as completely isolated itself by sending the body walk”

– “Man: wingless animal, biped, whose nails are flat and one who, alone of all beings, is capable of receiving knowledge, which is rational form”

Plato, justice and politics:

– “There is, in my view, the birth of society that each of us, far from being sufficient to itself, on the contrary need a large number of people”

– “The opposite of this injustice would be justice, which would be for each class – that of the businessman, that of auxiliary military, the guardian – to conduct their own activities in the city, this is what would make the city just. A city just seemed to be precisely when the three natural groups present in each she exercised her responsibility, and it seemed moderate, or brave and wise, because of conditions and the specific provisions of these groups ”

– “Most men in power become villains”

– “What gives rise to the company’s impotence where each man is to stand on its own, and he feels the need of many things. The multiplicity of needs brought together in a same home several men to one another: and we gave the company the name of state ”

Plato and the objects of metaphysics:

– “Time is the moving image of eternity immobile”

– “The intellect grasps truths and lives together in eternity”

– “What is fear death if we assume did not know?”

Plato and the Socratic method:

– “If you ask both men, asking good questions, they discover for themselves the truth about everything”


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