Philosophy Quiz: Passions & Desire

Face our though questions about passions & desire in Philosophy

Is Buddhism a philosophy of desire?

Who said: "Nothing great has been done in the world without passion"?

Who said: "The heart has its reasons which reason knows nothing"?

Who wrote: "Life swings like a pendulum from right to left, from suffering to boredom"?

For the Stoics, passions and desires

Stoicism is a school of philosophy born in:

The Stoics seek to be in harmony with nature

Who said: "He who loses his passion loses less than that lost his passion"?

What is the Passion ?

Passion comes from the Latin patio. What does it mean ?

Who Theorized that the passion in terms of crystallization?

Give a synonym of the term "libido"

Who compared the desire for a pierced vase, which empties as you fill it?

What author was interested in jealousy, in his work In Search of Lost Time?

For what philosopher passions are they "the salt of life"?

Find the right problematic for the topic "Does The Passion make the dignity of man? "

"Hell is other people" is a quote from Sartre:

According to Freud, libido and desire are synonymous.:

Who said: "These are the passions and not the interests that run the world"

Who said: "In the early passions women love the lover, and in others they love love"


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