Philosophy Quiz: Unconscious

Face our though questions about the inconscious in Philosophy

Who discovered the concept of unconscious ?

Freud was born in ?

What is a lapsus ?

What is the first Freudian topography?

Who said: "No one is voluntarily wicked"?

"defense mechanism to transform and guide certain instincts or feelings towards goals of social or emotional value higher" That's the definition:

The ego, the id and superego are in Freud's philosophy:

Is the "repression" a protection mechanism ?

What is repression ?

Freud published a book entitled:

"Operation psychic by which the subject pushes or maintains in the unconscious thoughts, mental images or memories related to a desire deep and instinctive feeling as prohibited or contrary to:

Who is the theorist of the "collective unconscious"?

Who said: "I is another"?

Who interprets the dreams as manifestations of the unconscious ?

According to Freud, dreams must be interpreted as manifestations of consciousness.

What philosophical concept is related to the unconscious?

Others is a philosophical concept related to the unconscious.

Freud published a book entitled:

The difference between consciousness and unconsciousness is :

Find the problem for the following subject: "Is the unconscious immoral?"


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