Quotes by La Fontaine: a moral and political Critics

The Fables of La Fontaine are part of the global literary heritage. Studied by the youngest at school, yet his quotations contain a complex philosophy, a true vision of the human nature, both enthusiastic and disenchanted. La Fontaine’s Fables refer to those of Aesop, who used to criticize these human foibles (“I use animals to teach men“). Some of the aphorisms of La Fontaine have turned into real proverbs used by each of us everyday.

La Fontaine and Passions:

– “In love, words are all golden”

– The whole universe obeys the love Love, love, everything else is nothing ”

– “Love, love when you hold us, we can say: Farewell prudence”

– Grace, more beautiful than beauty ”

La Fontaine and Human Nature:

– “There is no use running, you must leave on time”

– “Do not mock the wretched, for who can ensure they are always happy”

– “We often need a little more than oneself”

– “More violence is gentleness”

– “It’s good to talk, and better to be silent”

– “Well, we do and the evil is the Fortune was always right, fate always wrong”

La Fontaine and Politics:

– “No prophet is at home”

– “It’s often the chance arises that opinion, and it is the opinion which is still in vogue”

– “The enemy of true freedom is an excessive desire for security”

– “Small, in any case, very easily dodge: Major can not do”


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